Meet the Band

Chad Darou Band

David Carey  David Carey (Guitar/Vocals)
David has been steeped in bluegrass music his entire life. This Vestal, NY native started playing guitar at age 7 with his dad's bluegrass band, and quickly grew into one of the most notable players in the "Empire State". In addition to his driving rhythm and skillful lead playing, David is also known for his outstanding vocal skills. His soulful style is original, instantly identifiable and always tasteful. David has spent the last few years honing his talent, and building lifelong friendships with some of the finest players in bluegrass. He is an intrigul part of the bands overall sound, and definitely a talent not easily forgotten.

Heather Wharton  Heather Wharton (Fiddle/Vocals)
Heather is the 2010 Maryland State Fiddle Champion. She also won the 2008 Fiddle and Vocal Champion at the Deer Creek Fiddler's Convention. She attended ETSU where she was a part of the Bluegrass, Old-time and Country Music program, and sang in a female gospel trio. Throughout her musical career, Heather has been a member of DC based, Ed Schaeffer & Rattlesnake Hill, Northeast PA based Lykens Valley Bluegrass Band, and East TN based band The Shadow Drifters. She has shared the stage with the likes of Adam Steffey, Valerie Smith, Joe Zauner, Tom Gray, Jack Sanbower, Laura Orshaw, Kip Martin, Mike Munford, Nate Leath, Patrick McAvinue and many others. Heather's vocal prowess and tasteful fiddle playing have made her a great benefit to the band.

Jeff Kidd  Jeff Kidd (Mandolin)
Jeff Kidd began playing mandolin as a teenager. After just a few lessons, it was clear to his instructor, Warren Blair, that he had natural ability so he cut him loose with the suggestion that he just "get out and jam." He developed an impressive style quickly, and during the 80s and 90s honed his skills with many of the local high-caliber players. He made it a priority to be a fixture at Baltimore Bluegrass music store, which hosted jamming every Friday night. Jeff soon was winning mandolin contests and playing with area bands. After graduating high school, Jeff hit the road full time to play mandolin for The Gary Ferguson Band. Jeff regularly shares the stage with well-known players and has performed with Bela Fleck, David Bromberg, Walter Hensley, and numerous other national and local legends. Although he has been heavily influenced by the greats, there is no doubt Jeff's style is likened to his most influential idol, Sam Bush. Those fortunate enough to see Jeff play say there is no other player as absorbing, dynamic, versatile or exhilarating. So glad to have Jeff as a driving force in the band. his rhythm and lead work are spot on.

Bonnie Reisser  Bonnie Reisser (Bass/Vocals)
Some of Bonnie’s earliest memories are of her singing and attending square dances in Baltimore with her parents throughout most of her childhood. This is where her love of country and bluegrass music began. At age 8 she began playing the flute and quickly became a stand-out, performing in all-county and all-state bands. During this time she also played the piccolo, baritone saxophone and sousaphone. For her 16th birthday she received an old Harmony guitar from her aunt and immediately realized it was the outlet she needed to share her voice. Within a few years she was sitting in with various bands, and began performing in Baltimore and surrounding areas, including a 5 year Monday night residency at the Waterfront Hotel and the first Happy Hour artist spot at the popular Cat's Eye Pub in Fells Point. She developed a loyal fan base and was soon given an invitation to sing the national anthem at an Orioles game in 2006. The following year she met her banjo-playing husband and began frequenting numerous traditional bluegrass festivals in the Northeast, picking and singing in the style she’d grown to love. Bonnie eventually picked up a bass and a new love affair was born. Thanks to the influence and guidance of some of the best players on the scene she has quickly become known for her hard-driving, bass playing to match her equally powerful, dynamic voice.Bonnie is without a doubt the backbone of the band's drive, and a spectacular singer.

Michael Beaky  Michael Beaky (Banjo)
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